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  • Do you sell products to runners, athletes or fitness enthusiasts? ENERGYbits are the most nutrient dense plant-based solution that increases energy and focus all naturally, without chemicals, caffeine, sugar or stomach distress. Just one ingredient- organically grown Non-GMO spirulina algae.
  • Give your customers a faster, better and more natural way to reduce muscle pain, recover from athletics, have fewer colds and boost their immune system. This is the recovery fuel no runner or athlete should be without! Just one ingredient – organically grown Non-GMO chlorella algae.
  • Sell our bits in their convenient single servings and you’ll find out why we have such a loyal following with runners, triathletes, cyclists, Olympic and pro-athletes. Our bits really work and your customers will love them! Join us to see what the buzz is all about.

Welcome to the ENERGYbits Distributor site.

If you would like to sign-up for a distributor account please call us at 617-886-5106 or fill out  our quick contact form.  One of  the ENERGYbits team will be in touch soon! If you don't have a brick and mortar store or training facility but you do have a blog, website or business that is related to health, fitness or nutrition, you can still work with us by joining our very popular Partner Program.

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Looking for an ENERGYbits Retailer? 

If you're looking for a retailer who sells our bits in single servings, please check out our store locator page, or go back to our main site where you can purchase bags of bits online (1,000 tabs per bag). Don’t forget to ask your retailer for their discount code so you can save some money when you buy your bags online.